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Business Process Outsourcing
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is how people can work together as a team to make companies more competitive and profitable - and to bring about meaningful changes that could benefit customers, employees, and shareholders.

At Balaji Infotek, we have evolved the concept of business process outsourcing to a dramatically higher level. We believe BPO is increasingly becoming the strategic choice of companies looking to achieve cost reductions while improving their service quality, increasing shareholder value and focusing on their core business capabilities. Because we believe the process that do not require a face to face customer contact, are high cost; labor intensive, and do not add value to your core business can be easily outsourced.

BPO forms an important part of the ITES industry. Outsourcing grows in bad times because companies want to cut costs, and it grows in good times because companies want to focus on growth so it implies that BPO is here to stay. Our BPO concept is built around the time tested multi stage technology to provide of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Balaji Infotek�s breadth of capabilities, proven program management skills and ability to integrate technology with business processes makes us your natural choice as BPO partner.

With a comprehensive menu of BPO services across a range of functions, Balaji Infotek is well prepared to provide BPO services to many clients, generating significant revenues. As our BPO offerings grow, we commit to bringing operational excellence to re-engineer your business processes for optimal service, quality and cost.

Why Us?
What makes us the obvious choice as Business Process Outsourcing partner, apart from our evident knowledge, expertise and sheer devotion to our work, is the fact that our services and solutions go beyond being a mere means to an end. We believe that any solution will be effective only when it perfectly complements existing business strategies, practices, structures and vision of our customers. Each assignment is unique in its requirement and our approach subsequently differs.

Why Balaji Infotek believe BPO as synonymous to Business Success.

IT and Telecom environment has become very conducive and supportive to business process outsourcing, which would play a pivotal role in the success of businesses.

  Higher computing speeds offer unlimited opportunities

  Computer connectivity solutions open up various avenues

  Internet has opened a whole host of options

  Integration of Internet into business: e-commerce

  New Programming tools enabling IT companies to write sophisticated and powerful software in very less time

  Advances in RDBMS technology allow larger data handling and storage

  Availability of skilled manpower

  New switching technology has made wider bandwidth possible

  Wider bandwidths have enabled remote login and made remote working feasible

  New vistas like - Video Conferencing, Telephony over Internet

  Effective utilization of capabilities across geographical boundaries

  Trend of shifting work to locations with low cost and highly educated workforce

Balaji Infotek has got plans to offer integrated solutions for a wide range of remote processing applications including customer interaction services, business process outsourcing, technical support and knowledge services.

List of services that Balaji Infotek focuses on:

  Data Conversion

  Data Processing

  Call center Operations

  Medical Transcriptions

  Business Process Management

  Business to Employee Solution

  Customer Relationship Management

  Document Management Solution

  E-Business Intelligence

  ERP Analytics

  Production Services

  Risk Management Solution
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